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About Mummamaze

Mummamaze could have very easily been called something else. Start Here was an option, the obvious choice for what I ultimately hope this space will be - a starting point for mums after a good recommendation, the opportunity to build upon their knowledge, and inspiration for living a slow, simple and intentional life with their families.

You've Got This captured the sense of empowerment I strive to instil with the words I share. Life Reimagined was also a contender because becoming a mother does change your life in the most excitingly beautiful yet, exhausting way. I toyed around with the word Unique because I don't believe there's a one-size-fits-all approach to motherhood, parenting or living well. While sure, some universal truths exist, I wanted to ensure you felt the freedom to take what resonates and to leave the rest. Not everything you find here will be a good fit for you and your family and that’s okay.

Zwischen the German word for 'between' was frequently floated. Women, especially those of us who are mothers, spend at least some time lingering in 'the time of zwischen', whether that be the time in-between trying to fall pregnant and receiving a positive test result, waiting on permanent care orders or adoption approval, the heartbreaking time when you experience a miscarriage, the waiting for hyperemesis gravidarum to subside so you can celebrate this beautiful life growing inside you, waiting for your milk to come in, your body to heal, sleep to return, milestones to be achieved and on it goes. There is inevitable waiting in motherhood and for those who transverse this space, there’s something here for you.

The words Slow and Simplify were also front and centre for they embody the essence of what I'm both striving for and hoping to highlight; a slower, simpler family life. One in which I'm mindful, connected and more intentional with my time. I don’t have all the answers but I’m sharing all I’ve learnt and continue to discover along the way both in my work and as a mother.

The Go-to Guide itself started as a resource file on my laptop capturing the brilliant books, websites, products, research articles and professional contacts I gathered while working as a child and family therapist and while also studying holistic nutrition and naturopathy but, that name no longer fit. As I continued to share health and wellbeing tips with my clients, colleagues and friends, encouraging them to utilise their strengths, follow their child's lead, trust their intuition and connect with other great health professionals, it grew into something bigger needing a new name and space to host it. 

When I threw the name for this website out to the women who inspire me daily with their strength and grace, they said that Mum definitely had to be included in the name so that we - busy mums just like you and I - know that this space and the collective of information held in these pages is written for us. And then, there was frequent talk of a maze; right turns, wrong turns, dead ends; the successes and failures we inevitably experience in our journey as mothers and so, in combining the two, Mummamaze was born; an online resource, guide and peek into my world that, by camaraderie, helpful recommendation, or both, I genuinely hope helps you in navigating your own path in motherhood.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet,



A little about my work

For over ten years I've worked in the community and for government organisations developing programs and providing therapeutic support to women, children and their families. Inspired by the challenges of my own pregnancy and postpartum experience, I expanded my knowledge and skills further specialising in perinatal health and wellbeing working with women to prevent exhaustion and depletion during this transformative time, allowing them the best opportunity to connect with their newborn and lay the foundation for future happiness and vitality.  

Every woman's journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood is unique and for many of us we experience the unexpected along the way. In my clinical work, I teach the psychological skills we need to handle difficult thoughts and feelings effectively, so that they have much less impact and influence over our lives and help to bridge reality gaps and close the chasm between where you are and where you want to be. Together, we clarify what’s truly important and meaningful to you so that you can use that knowledge to guide, inspire, and motivate you to set goals and take action that enriches your life.

I also teach parents about the importance of parenting with the brain in mind. In my workshops and online guides, I cover gentle sleep solutions for babies and toddlers and help parents to support and understand their child's transitions as they grow, become more mobile, independent and curious about the world.

Infused throughout all of my work is encouragement for intentional acts of self care. As a working mother I understand the demands of balancing commitments with trying to raise happy and healthy children in our fast-paced society. In a world where so much is expected of us, it's genuinely hard to slow down and invest in our own health and happiness yet, as the epicenter of our families, it's so important that we do. It's for this reason that I write about postpartum care and encourage you simplify, invest in your own wellbeing and create space for what matters most.