Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to the questions I get asked most often via Instagram, the website and by clients. I hope it’s helpful.

Creative Play

Where do you get your ideas for activities from?

So many places!

Some of my ideas come from my years working as a child and family therapist and I’ll use the play and learning element (leaving the therapy for work only) to create some fun activities. Sometimes I’m simply following my child’s lead, what they’re interested in and create a sensory or learning experience based on that. Other ideas come from professionals I’ve frequently referred to over the years like Rachel from Can Do Kiddo, she has some great ideas for promoting healthy child development.

I often share people who inspire me on my Instagram stories at @mummamaze


What do you take your photos with?

I use my iPhone (I’ve just upgraded from a 6 to a 7) and my camera which is a Canon Mark 5d III. I tend to shoot mostly with a 50mm lens but sometimes switch to my 35mm indoors.

Which photography resources do you recommend?

Truthfully, I think that Instagram is a great place to start learning more about how to take photos you love. Lots of the photographers I follow (and love!) share their before and afters and a bit about their editing process in their stories. Many of them belong to a great online community called Clickin Moms, I’ve just signed up recently and am excited to check it out more during the second half of this year.

What Apps do you use to edit your photos with?

I edit my photos using my Play Time Presets in the Lightroom CC app. I created these as I wanted to simply whiten and brighten my photos and found other presets played around with the colours too much for my liking making my children’s faces look red or throwing off other hues which I didn’t like.

Before I created my presets I used Snapseed, it’s a great editing tool, I’ll do a post soon detailing how I’ve used it.

VSCO is another great app if you can find a filter you love. I used A6 many years ago. I also really like A Color Story, I love trying out different combinations in their app. Some of their effects can be fun to use in Stories, I like the Flashes of Delight filters and Audrey in their Black and White pack is one of my favourites.

Answers to Your Questions about Counselling Sessions

What are your qualifications?

I hold a Bachelor of Social Science Psychology and a Masters of Social Work and am an Accredited Social Worker: Registered by the AASW. I am also a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach and Certified Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional with post graduate training in Neuroscience for Health and Wellbeing, Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation, Circle of Security Parenting and Perinatal Counselling. 

Do you offer a Medicare rebate?

A medicare rebate is available for Pregnancy Support Counselling. Please see the information here for further details. 

Do you have a list of people and services your recommend?

Yes. I've compiled every great health and wellbeing, pregnancy, postnatal and parenting resource I've ever come across into a digital go-to guide for you. You can access it here

Do you offer Skype or phone sessions?

Skype and phone sessions are available for both Holistic Health and Life Coaching however I am currently on maternity leave and not taking on any one-on-one clients at this time. Please send me an email at to add your name to the waitlist though.

How did you establish your fees?

My fees are set in accordance with the schedule of recommended fees for Accredited Social Workers in Private Practice. These fees are comparable to other allied health professions’ recommended private practice rates and are a reflection of the skills and currency of knowledge of Accredited Social Workers. My rate varies - and is often significantly lower than the recommended rate - with regard to the service being provided. 

Can I bring my baby to a counselling session or workshop?

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one, you are most welcome to bring your baby to our sessions together. Routines can sometimes be unpredictable so please do not worry if they are unsettled and require comfort, changing or feeding during our time together. 

Do you offer home visits?

Home visits are available for my postpartum care clients however I am currently on maternity leave so not taking on any new clients at this time.

Where is your office located?

My office is located in a lovely private practice in Garran, ACT. The space is shared with Psychologists and other Allied Health Professionals. We have parking available and you'll have access to a change table for your baby should you require it as well as toys and drawing materials for your toddler.