Guides for Parents

I designed the guides below to help make life easier, to simplify the challenges we face as parents and inspire you to find your own family rhythm, they’ll be available soon.

Foundations for Healthy Sleep Image.png

Navigating Sleep

I created this guide detailing gentle sleep solutions for babies and toddlers not to add to the noise but in attempt to simplify it and help you decide what's best for your family and your unique situation. You won't find rigid routines here nor will you find me sharing a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, I'll be sharing an unbiased review of the science behind sleep, tips and strategies that actually work in addition to what I've learnt throughout my career as an Accredited Social Worker about infant and child mental health and how raise calm and happy kids.

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Foundations for Motherhood

Working as a child and family therapist, I’ve learnt a lot about the psychosocial and developmental milestones of children. In this guide I’ve put together the information and resources that have helped me most as mother to form realistic expectations and meet my children where they are as well as enhance their learning and creativity and help them to express and regulate big emotions. It’s designed to take away some of the confusion, help you find a rhythm to your days and create a strong foundation for your family’s health and happiness.

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Life Captured

Whether you shoot in manual mode or use your phone to take photos, I created this guide for those who want to capture candid moments, milestones and special occasions so that they have photos to look back on and share with their children that documented not only special occasions, but the ordinary everyday moments of childhood in an authentic and beautiful way.